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Our Experience

After almost 40 years of being global executives and consultants across numerous industries, we decided to use that knowledge to catapult you and your dreams AND inventions to the NEXT LEVEL. Now, we share our passion by helping others make their dreams a reality. Our EMPOWER NOW process is designed to partner our talents and resources with yours and utilize them for your short and long term success. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, BE your back-office team, or BUILD & TRAIN your team.  Let us help and put you on a solid track to success AND profit.  SOME KEY AREAS BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Business start ups 101; Exploring the type of business that is right for your vision; Business and Marketing planning using BuildThatBiz proprietary models and Canvas; Brainstorming your business name, branding, with personnel to design, build and manage your website and social media; Work life balance business coach; How to LEAN your business, CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems that fit you now and that are expandable; Building Your "A" Team that fits you; When to manufacturer in the U.S. vs Overseas; Positioning your company for JV's and Exit Strategies & more.  YOUR road to success has no limits!  The BuildThatBiz approach is creative, limitless and effective! Check out this website for more on how we can serve you!


Our Approach

Do you like MONEY?  Who doesn't! Our service includes a QUICK BIZ REVIEW to determine your current status, profit goals and synergies.  Not in Arizona?  No problem!  Fly us out for a one or two day assessment anywhere in the U.S.A or international.  We have done business in numerous countries so no sweat!  Have an INVENTION?  Cool!  Let us help you with your concept vetting and make your product a reality. Our process consists of a BIZ WORK-UP which is a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and short/long term opportunities, a comprehensive BIZ WORK-UP report that includes a 5 Tier project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you make Tier 1 progress quickly/smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.  We strive to understand you, your goals, your dreams and partner with you to make progress throughout all 5 Tiers of our project plan. Your success is our success and your success matters to us. Our approach is to be in this TOGETHER. Your goals are our goals.   Don't wait until someone else builds the business (or product)  you were thinking of.  That would not be cool.


Why Us?

Simple answer...because we CARE!  Not only do we care, but we have experience in many business, personnel and operational areas.  Our goal is that you achieve MAX IMPACT in life! We can help you start from scratch or take a step back and enhance what you have for better business results!  Business partnerships have to be the right fit for both parties.  That’s why when it comes to partnership selection, we work HARD to make sure we can work SMART together as a TEAM. We want to give each of you the time, support and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skill-set or tool, call us today. All partnership contracts are custom, because you, your situation, and your dreams are not exactly the same as anyone else.  Together we’ll create and refine OUR plan for success. We are here to listen, to mentor, to work as a team, to include you as a winner in our BuildThatBiz family of partners.  This way, we all win.  We like to see you profit and simply ask that you recommend us to others that may want to BuildThatBiz for themselves! Business Builders - Inventors of Products - You Name it, we have helped peoples dreams come truth with TANGIBLE RESULTS! Our FOCUS is YOU!

Overview of BuildThatBiz Services

Business Start-Ups 101

We Are "Your Back Office Team"

Work Life Balance Coaching


Let's explore the basics!  Starting a new business or revamping what you already have can be overwhelming. We can help!

We administer a QUICK BIZ REVIEW to understand your starting point.  Then, we help BUILD THAT BIZ!

Work Life Balance Coaching

We Are "Your Back Office Team"

Work Life Balance Coaching


Life happens!  Let us help you figure out the pieces and then order them in a way that fits you.  Your unique way of doing what you do is what we build on for success!

Coaching Tips and Accountability!


We Are "Your Back Office Team"

We Are "Your Back Office Team"

Conference Support ...(Preparation and On-Site)


Don't have a team and don't want one?  Ok, we can help you lean what you already have.  Want a team and don't quite know where to start?  We are on it! Let us help! We also specialize in creating policies, procedures and cool training materials!

Conference Support ...(Preparation and On-Site)

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)

Conference Support ...(Preparation and On-Site)


Hate making calls and sending emails to hundreds of people?  Hate the follow-up?  Well, let our BuildThatBiz team take that off of your plate!  Go ahead, get back to Building Your Biz and even relaxing if you want to!  We can be your CRM support, venue hunter, make your powerpoint slides, movies, support behind the scenes at the conference or act as your MC/Program Manager.  

We use InfusionSoft as our main platform, or can discuss other options!

We do Backdrops, Table Decor, Display Setup & more!

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)


Excellent AV Support is super-duper important for a great conference!

Let us be your AV and Voice-over  team!  We customize our support to your needs and make it as serious or fun as you want it to be.  We can open your event or entertain with a smooth jazz band, singers, dancers, mime, flash mobs, scavenger hunts, road rally's and more.  Creativity is our passion!  We help Build Your Biz while ensuring that you keep the "people" element alive and well.

HAPPY TEAMS are more likely to be 


Team Training @ The UpLift Center (+Team Building)

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)

Audio Visual Support Team (Voice Overs & Entertainment)



All partners have access to The UpLift Center as their training facility.  Need a different type of space in AZ or a different state or country?  No problem! Next, let us coordinate a life-changing Team Building event for your business! Conference room style or at whatever level of adventure you would like, just say the word! We would love to get to work on an amazing and uniquely awesome training solution for you!




Join the movement

Restoring Womens Confidence, Communication and Creativity.  Women entrepreneurs and in the corporate world are sometimes  held back due to racism, sexism, bullying and more.  Statistics still show that there are women not getting paid as much as their male counterparts.  Join us and let us help you live the life that you deserve ABOVE YOUR BEST.

Become a VIP in the movement

 We want to hear from you personally - so call to discuss how we can help at 480-227-9743  and to get access 

1st Month $9.99 @ $25.00/Mo

•Annual 50% Off - Access to The BuildThatBiz  

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Radio Show per year (Thousands of listeners 15 Countries)

•One-on-One Quick Biz Review with “6 to 7 Figure” Coaches  

Partner with our nonporfit to raise and deploy $5M by December 2021

Our goal is to raise $5M by December 2021 to empower the next generation to achieve maximum impact in life.  How?  By removing them from unhealthy living conditions, poverty, abuse, emotional abandonment, and brokenness.  By placing them into a life of health, wealth, and success by providing access to everything that they need to have a better life by use of scholarships, sponsorships, leadership training, business camps, sports clinics, academic accelerators and more.

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BuildThatBiz can help - that's what we do!

We come to you or you come to us.  The UpLift Center can be your personal training center, meeting center, reception and event center.  Our operational staff can be your operational staff.  CONTACT US AND ASK HOW...TODAY!  Use this contact box or email us at yourteam@buildthatbiz.com can't wait to hear from you !

BuildThatBiz located @ The UpLift Center

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Biz Hours: By Appointment Only so call us :)

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