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The Buzz about BuildThatBiz Staff

Here's what people are saying about our staff and programs.  Check out some upcoming training while you're at it as well (go to the bottom of this page!).


I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing the owner of BuildThatBiz for over 10-years and in a word to describe her work performance, work ethic, and dedication, all I can say is simply.......BRILLIANT! She can succeed at anything she desires; she is a Rock Star!! and possesses a wonderful attitude. She is an awesome manager, very personable, and drives hard for project completion. Her practical knowledge of quality assurance and regulatory affairs is certainly among the best I've ever encountered and I would strongly recommend her for any personal/professional endeavor she seeks!  TM, QE, BMT - Gary, IN

I had the pleasure of working with the BuildThatBiz owner.  Her enthusiasm, teamwork, talent and professionalism created an outstanding culture within our organization. I would highly recommend the BuildThatBiz owner.  PK, AHM - Tempe, AZ 

I just want to thank you for all the many things you do for us.  The hard work on audits, documents, customer inputs but also just your steady presence, keeping us on track.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.  It is great to have you around.  TK, COO - Tempe, AZ

Top qualities of the BuildThatBiz owner: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

The BuildThatBiz owner and her support team, are my life support.  PDW, SP - Phx, AZ

BuildThatBiz staff have done a wonderful job directing QARA at GMSB and also as de facto head of Development as we await hiring a VP of Development. She has a deep knowledge of FDA related matters and the overall development process.

MH, CSO - Tucson, AZ

The BuildThatBiz owner is a true expert. She has provided the leadership to support the implementation and ongoing improvements that led us to successful ISO 9001 & 13485 certification. She is an excellent communicator with all levels of the organization, with customers, and with external auditors. I strongly recommend consideration of BuildThatBiz. AM, CEO - Tempe, AZ

I worked with the BuildThatBiz owner  for four years at MBS/LS as Director of Chemistry and R&D; Research and development in general is notoriously difficult to convert to the idea of a quality system.  The owner  combined a  well-thought out application of QA to R&D; needs, considerable skill, and the force of her delightful personality, convinced the skeptics. She is an excellent leader, because she not only implements the system, but makes it work by getting people to buy into the idea. She is also an excellent auditor, attuned to details, but not focused on trivialities. She sees the overall picture.  I would hire the BuildThatBiz owner as a consultant, or a full time director without any hesitation. I recommend her most highly. CB Dir R&D - Tempe, AZ

The owner of BuildThatBiz has been invaluable as a MA consultant. MA would not be where it is today without her guidance and support.  BS, President BSC - Scottsdale, AZ

I had the distinct pleasure of being the HR Business Partner supporting the BuildThatBiz owner and her team in Arizona as a part of MLS and AHM. Besides being an awesome leader, the owners quality acumen and knowledge of FDA and ISO regulations helped to build a solid foundation for all the businesses she supported. If I owned a manufacturing establishment, I would consider hiring her company to provide auditing, training and consulting in QARA, Project Management.

AZ, HR MLS - Tempe, AZ

The BuildThatBiz owner epitomizes what a good professional can bring to an organization. A great colleague, manager, and team player who is able to resolve conflict, lead initiatives, and drive change. A mentor to her team, the owner was well respected not only by her direct reports but also by her colleagues as well as upper management. Actively taking part in numerous projects that identified, resolved, and then monitored critical programs that reduced waste and improved efficiencies. The owner is an astute, dedicated professional who understands the complex systems that drive improvement in the ever-changing world of business. The owner of BuildThatBiz would be an invaluable asset to any new business start-up or established organization.

GM, BMT - Gary, IN

The owner of BuildThatBiz is an expert and conscientious quality professional. She uses her knowledge of quality regulations and business process to design quality systems that enhance business performance. BD, AB/APB - Tempe, AZ 

The owner of BuildThatBiz is a dedicated professional, a pleasure to work with, and I give her my highest recommendation. DC, MLS - Tempe AZ 

The owner of BuildThatBiz has provided our team with strong validation and project management.  We have come a long ways since she joined our team and our internal and external customers recognize that.  MR, WPI - Phoenix, AZ  

Training Testimonials from our ECHELON Youth Business Camp

  • “Echelon's internship helped my son become more prepared for real life job situations. He is more knowledgeable and confident. He learned that, dressing for success does work. Through this program he was taught that his contributions of work and mistakes will have an impact on the organization and its people.”  QW
  • “Echelon teaches delegates how to work hard and smart, how to be empowered, be limitless and confident.” AB
  • “Echelon teaches both life and business skills and how to become a leader.” EB
  • “Echelon is a place you come to learn teamwork skills and how to be a professional.” MH
  • “Echelon help my son experience an active, real-world environment that allowed him the ability to grow and volunteer within the community.” QW
  • “Echelon equips our youth and young adults for a bright and productive future.” DM
  • “Echelon got me interested in Engineering, and I enrolled in an engineering program at my school this year because of it....thanks Echelon."  AS
  • "Echelon has great students and mentors that inspire us to do great things in life.” CB

NEW Training!! - Already an Auditor? Not an Auditor but want to try something new? Great...Join Us!

LIKE TO AUDIT? Contact our partnering trainers at g3qara@gmail.com if you want to learn more on how to BuildThatBiz as an independent medical device registrar auditor.  Training is currently scheduled at The UpLift Center.  Register and pay at www.G3QARA.com - contact us at the email address above for pricing and details: 


  • Fri/Sat Jun 22-23, 2018 Time 9a.m.-5p.m.
  • Thur/Fri Jun 28-29, 2018 Time 9a.m.-5p.m.

MORE TRAINING by BUILDTHATBIZ  (Dates are being solidified so come back soon):

  • Why Start a Business - My Story & Yours
  • Business Idea Engine - What is a GOOD Business to Start
  • Business Planning 101
  • From Flint Michigan (THE DIRTY WATER TOWN) to International Consultant
  • HOW to Cut Deals, Partner and Joint Venture
  • The right Domain Names - Website Look & Why it is important
  • WHY do I need 7 Forms of Income and HOW do I find them
  • You are more of an Entrepreneur than you THINK
  • HOW to "Do You" and make money doing it
  • My INVENTION is burning a hole in my brain - HELP ME GET IT OUT
  • What steps do I take to make my INVENTION a MANUFACTURED Reality
  • Why is it a GOOD IDEA to partner with a nonprofit
  • Going Global - Working in an international economy - why/how/where/when/how
  • HOW to be a BOSS when you have Zero Leadership Skills
  • Leadership 101 - The Basics and Beyond
  • Presentation Skills for the Nail Biting Speaker
  • Dress for Success - The right outfit for the right purpose
  • Hand-shakes that speak louder than you do
  • THIS IS ME - The resume that tells the right story
  • WHAT does N-E-X-T  L-E-V-E-L mean anyways
  • Presentations, training materials and commercials that Rock
  • The PITCH - How to tell a winning story to get funding, help, partners and more
  • Women in business - What you MUST know and do
  • Due Diligence, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The power of a GOOD focus group
  • Outsourcing - when to and when not to
  • Business Ethics - Do You Have Them?
  • Employee Recognition, Bonuses, Salary and Your Business
  • Contract manufacturing in the U.S.A. and China / Other
  • The 360 Mentor Squad Approach
  • What is an Inner Circle and Why it is a must
  • Finding the Right Mentor and being "Mentor-able" and Memorable
  • GET your business NOTICED
  • Minorities in business - Make it your major asset
  • When to do something for FREE vs charging a FEE 
  • Using your "faults, flaws, insecurities and what you DON'T know" to your advantage
  • WHY you should have more than one business entity (you and your children)
  • Jr Business Camp - The Echelon Leadership Academy Spark - Why start early
  • General Worker to Business Exec - The Road you too can travel
  • The Hurdle - "Fear of NETWORKING" - From SHY to BEAST-MODE
  • Usage Do's and Don'ts of the BuildThatBiz Training Center

NEW Camp!! 2018 Echelon - Jr Entrepreneur Camp - 6/4/18 to 8/4/18

Echelon Summer Business Camp for Students Ages 12 to 21 (Jr High, High School, College levels). No matter what the profession, Echelon is a once in a life time camp for all students.  Learn how to work in a global environment, work here in the U.S.A. and all over the world making great money and then, learn how to give back to your community.  Contact our partnering trainers at g3qara@gmail.com if you want your student to learn more on how to BuildThatBiz as a junior entrepreneur! Register and pay at www.G3QARA.com. Program interviews close after 5/28. (Inquire ASAP!)

The Top 3 Benefits of joining the Echelon Leadership Academy - Business Camp:

1. Catapulting Experience - Your student will gain that edge that will make him or her a better candidate for the jobs they seek in the corporate world.

2. Acceleration – Your student will be exposed to various careers and skillsets crucial to success in domestic and global positions.

3. Leadership – Your student will have a greater understanding of how teamwork propels them into a successful career as a leader and sets them apart in the workforce.

Please see the attached DETAILS regarding our upcoming summer program with orientation June 1 and June 2, 2018 and sessions Mondays through Thursdays starting June 4th – August 4th, 2018 with the graduation ceremony on August 11 or 12, 2018. Still have questions?  

If you do not have students in this class level, please PASS IT ON to other parents.

BuildThatBiz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start my business from an idea I already have?

What are good money making ideas to start a business?

Do I need a lot of money to start a business?

I do not have a college degree, can I still start a business?

How do I market my business?

How do I get all of the things done that need to be done to run my business?

I need a mentor to help me understand what to do and how to do it related to my start-up?

What if I want to take something that is already invented and simply make it better, what do I do?

Is it best to start a business with a partner or start solo first?

There is so much to do and I am so confused and overwhelmed, can you help me just get organized?

My current business is not doing well, should I keep the same name and just start over with a new business model?

How do I write off my business expenses so I pay less taxes?

Can someone help me figure out if I should start my business as a S.P., LLC, C Corp or other?

Can I run my business from my house?

Do I really need to pay for an office and staff to gain traction in the industry and let people know I have a real business?